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Money isn't about how much you have, it is about what you do with what you do have. 

We encourage you to focus on experiencing something every day, every week, every month and every year.  You cannot wait for the right moment to experience life. Life is short and it is easy to let the days flow by, you have to Be Bold and create the right moments and experience your life. 

  1. Create your list of how you are going to Be Bold and experience life
  2. Email us at and we will add some of your ideas to our list
  3. Go out and document your experiences
  4. Email us a photo and a brief one to two sentence summary of your accomplishment
  5. Check back regularly to see your updates from us and clients just like you

Cuban Photography

"An amazing experience in an amazing country."
- Carol W.


"The wildlife was incredible!"
- Bill & Becky S.

European River Boat Cruise

"An amazing experience in the worlds most beautiful cities."
- John S. 

Irish Vacation

"I would take my family to Ireland to experience the country and learn our family history!"
- GJ L. 

Retirement on the Gunflint

"Retire in a log cabin in the woods and spend my days with friends and family."
- Michelle B.


"I would like to continue traveling the world."
- Justine S.

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