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It’s Time for Q1 Company Reports

It’s Time for Q1 Company Reports

May 06, 2024

Over the next four weeks, the vast majority of publicly traded companies will update shareholders on business conditions in Q1. It's called "earnings season," and it happens four times a year.

So buckle up because it's relatively likely that you'll read about one company's success, followed by news of another's missteps, more than once in the coming weeks.

In the table below, you can see the next month of company reports. On a busy day, more than 400 companies will check in with their numbers. On slow days, typically Mondays and Fridays, you can expect to hear from fewer.1

What A Popular Topic to Hear About?

Updates on inflation and artificial intelligence have been the most popular topics. In Q3 2023, “AI” was said nearly 150 times. In Q4 of that same year, the term “inflation” was mentioned at least once during the quarterly calls of over 250 S&P 500 companies. Either could be popular again this quarter.2,3

So far this earnings season, several large banks in the S&P 500 have posted results and their focus has been on the Fed and interest rates. Of course, you would expect banks to talk about interest rates, whereas it may not be as important to a tech company, for example.4

It’s best to prepare for some market volatility as Wall Street starts to collect info about the 2024 business climate. If you want to know when a particular company is reporting, please contact my office. Most have already set the date they are prepared to check in with results.

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